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Impact Practice with Scientific Research

My goal of the applied research is to impact practice with the scientific results.

I have worked in several collaborations with companies to implement our scientific results in practice. Further, I welcome company representatives in my classes to show students the direct link between the scientific education and company needs.

Regarding different topics I have collaborated with several companies, e.g. Bosch eBikes, Daimler AG car2go.

Write me if you are interested in an open minded collaboration and let us talk!

Mentorship for start-up BAUTA

I am being the mentor for the start-up BAUTA, together we received EXIST funding.
The goal of BAUTA is to gather data while keeping the people observed anonymous. First trials went active in April 2022 at the library of the University of Tuebingen.

For more information: University Tuebingen BAUTA and BAUTA homepage