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One of my major research foci is pricing. I am especially interested in the synergy of price and promotion activities at the retailer with the marketing mix instruments (e.g., advertising) or external factors (e.g., popular events, like soccer championships, or weather).

studies in this research area:

  • Keller, Wiebke I.Y., Deleersnyder, Barbara, Gedenk, Karen (2019): „Price Promotions and Popular Events“, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 83(1) 73-88;
    (VHB: A+, Impact Factor: 15.360)

  • Widdecke, Kai A., Gedenk, Karen, Keller, Wiebke I. Y.,Deleersnyder, B. (2022): „When is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? Drivers of the synergy between price cuts and store flyers at supermarkets and discounters“ International Journal of Research in Marketing, (accepted);
    (VHB: A, Impact Factor: 8.074)
  • Keller, Wiebke I. Y., Papies, Dominik (2022): „The Impact of Online Price Searches on Offline Behavior of Consumers and Firms“, Management Science, (reject and resubmit);
    (VHB: A+, Impact Factor: 4.883)

Weather Impact on Marketing Effectiveness

I am interested in the impact of weather on consumer behavior and sales and the moderating impact of weather on promotion effectiveness. While weather is multidimensional and highly different across regions and time, we use grid weather and marketing data.

studies in this research area:

  • Keller, Wiebke I. Y., Ailawadi, Kusum, Neslin, Scott A. : Impact of Weather on Consumer Behavior.
  • Keller, Wiebke I. Y., Nieters, Pascal, Keller, Jan D. : Predicting Sales based on Promotional and Weather Information – A neural Network Approach.
  • Keller, Wiebke I. Y., Keller, Jan D. (2021): „Daily weather data averages for Germany aggregated over official weather stations“ [Data set Zenodo].

Decision Bias

I am looking in decision bias in different areas. Every person as well as algorithms make bias decisions based on their previous experience. I find it interesting to analyze the data and make it transparent where decision maker tend to be more likely to favor one of the options.

studies in this research area:

  • Keller, Wiebke I. Y., Stäbler, Samuel, Deleersnyder, Barbara (2022): Advertising Strategies by Multinational Firms: Evidence of a Home Focus and Its Performance Implications“, Management Science, (reject and resubmit);
    (VHB: A+, Impact Factor: 4.883)
  • Keller, Wiebke I. Y., Mueller, Franziska, Stromberg, Malik, Papies, Dominik (2021): „Gender Diversity in Academic Publishing – Comment on Galak and Kahn“, Marketing Letters, Vol. 32, Issue 3, No 6, 325-336.
    (VHB: B , Impact Factor: 2.800)

Interdisciplinary research

I profit from the expertise from researchers of different disciplines and I am happy to return the favor giving advice in areas of my expertise.

studies in this research area:

  • Wolter, Karsten, Praktiknjo, Michael, Boie, Julia, Decker, Georges, Nadal, Jennifer, Jansen, Christian, Keller, Wiebke I. Y., Meyer, Carsten, Trebicka, Jonel, Attenberger, Ulrike, Thomas, Daniel (2021): „Glue Embolization of Gastroesophageal Varices during Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) Improves Survival Compared to Coil-only Embolization—A Single-Center Retrospective Study“, Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol,
    (Impact Factor: 2.740)